The Camel and the Fish

The Inspiration for this piece comes from the poem, “Damn Thirsty” by the Persian Poet Hafiz. Every so often in our own lives, we wake up and discover that “where we are” is not nourishing to our essential nature. In that “moment of awareness” or “wakefulness” we are given the opportunity to speak our needs, change direction or environment, and choose to be true to ourselves.

Damn Thirsty


The Fish needs to say,

"Something ain't right about this

Camel Ride --

And I am

Feeling so damn


From: The Gift - Poems by Hafiz, Daniel Ladinsky p.198

For more information on Hafiz click here.

The Medium/Materials: steel wire (22 guage) and gold wire (fine gage). Base: 18' x 18" ceramic tile.

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