The expression of

purified emotion ,

rather than a strong

visual impression,

connected to the

traditional way

of thinking about

equilibrium and sincerity --

captured on rice paper,

with lines and color that are

without shadow or volume --

no dark areas,

no obstacles,

no prejudgments,

and no haughtiness --

so that you can almost see

“through it” perfectly.

Colors both ritually

and physically washed –

removing most of the color

by doing this --


modifying, simplifying

both color and composition --

sweeping lines on paper

just as I once did as a child

using a stick to sweep the ground

in the open and vacant space

of my yard.

My mind appreciating nature

while meditating on human life

and how it is supported

by the hope of an ideal world

where every conflict

has been forgotten.

or resolved.

Words by Man Soo Lee

Poem by Pamela Bendio

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