The Endless Cycle - Self Portrait

The Direction: Self Portrait – not a realistic representation of my own body but rather abstract shapes that suggest or embody who I am.

The Inspiration: comes from my esoteric nature. What better to represent my esoteric inclination than the letter “Samech” from the Hebrew Alphabet? Jewish mysticism imbues this letter with many meanings but the central one is “The Endless Cycle”. My life has been a full one with many beginnings and endings in a constant search for more light and knowledge. Numbers are highly significant – the repetition of the letter eight times moves the letter past perfection (7) and into completion. I am searching to reach perfection and completion in my life as well as in my art.

More information on the the letter “Samech” can be found by clicking here.

The Medium/Materials: Self-adhesive floor tile, metal threaded rod with acorn nuts, black plastic hose, particle board wood, and black paint.

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Zuzana said...

Very nice and deep. I like it.