Infinite Possibilities

By Pamela Bendio

I am celebrating tonight!
Come and raise your glass
in a toast with me…
Let us drink life in deeply
and make our feet to
dance its dance…
moving easily
to its many rhythms…

Here is to all those moments
I pushed through the hesitation
and opened the door to
what scared me most…
somehow, finding the courage to
walk through and wrestle with
whatever was on the other side…
knowing, that if I was
true to myself, that I would
come away unscathed –
stronger and freer than before.

Here is to all the
Hard experiences
This life brings to me
And how tumbling through them
Knocks off all the rough edges
And makes of me a polished stone
In God’s perfect pocket…

Come and join me
In my celebration…
For my soul has awakened
to a divine intoxication
of wondrous possibilities –
mine and

Come, let us
drink life in deeply together
making our feet to dance to its
intimate and passionate rhythms of
infinite possibilities!

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