The Monkey Bar

by Pamela Bendio

Up the ladder
the young child
stretching tall
to find the bar
above his head

Until he grasped it tight,
his feet swinging free…
and now, suspended,
he dangled there in the air

neither capable of stretching
the distance to reach
the next bar so as to
move himself forward,
nor able to find
purchase for his foot
on the ladders rung…

immobile, he hung there
looking down,
seeing the ground…
so incredibly far
below him

holding -- for what
seemed like forever--
with all his might!

Waiting in silence
while family, otherwise engaged,
remain unaware of his dilemma…

A neighbor watches and
feels compelled to help -
approaches - willing to do
the young child’s bidding.

“What do you want to do?” she asks…

“Get down!” he simply responds.

The neighbor’s hands would have
willingly held the child up as he
moved from bar to bar until he
found the safety of the other side …
and so, claim his “accomplishment.”

But,at his request, she
now held her hands up
and let the child
drop into their safety,
gently supporting him
and placing him
on the ground ...

Where he, feeling earth’s
firmness beneath him ...
ran off to play
without a moment
of concern.

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