Spontaneous Interweaving

by Pamela Bendio

I have been mostly content
with my own rhythms,
both intricate and simple,
that play themselves so
easily and comfortably
that they flow and ebb
throughout the day
without much effort.

However, I find that I am always looking
for new challenges, new songs
that I try to learn –
adding them into my repertoire –
practicing their complexities
over and over until
they are mine.

But, now
my ears hear your music,
flowing from you
and I feel awakened,
enlivened, and
I sense new possibilities
of infinite patterns,
if our individual music
were to blend – coming together
in mutual expression!

When we unite our collective talents,
the sharing and the sounding of it
is rich in my heart and ears.

I love your songs!
I am content to rest
and listen
to your explorations,
just as I am satisfied
to play my songs
while you listen – so
intently – to me –

But, oh! What joy when the
spontaneous interweaving
of our combined gifts moves us
through our innovations
to a new level of possibilities
and spills out of us
and overflows
into the universe!

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