School Daze

The Direction: Landscape and Structure Study - create a sculpture that can be displayed outside in December.

The Inspiration: I wanted to create something that would be bright against the snow, large enough to be visible against the backdrop of the two story building, water proof, and kinetic. It also needed to be in-expensive and easily transportable and relative to the scholastic or artist process. The time frame for displaying was the week before finals, so pencils and paper would be tools that every student taking an exam or preparing art work would need to use. The "paper" acts as a sail and the sculpture pivots on the pencil "lead."

The Medium/Materials: (2) 3” black PVC pipe, (1) 4” x4” x 10’ fir; one steel metal rod, quick setting cement, a metal pipe (to hold the steel rod) fitting into a piece of scrap metal pipe of a larger diameter, a piece of sheet metal, spray primer and paints appropriate for the surface, (4) 5/8 bolts with washers and nuts, 1” screws, a plastic trash can, metal Christmas tree stand and construction rod .

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